These Zodiac Signs Never See Themselves As A Priority


These Zodiac Signs Never See Themselves As A Priority

Self-care is an essential part of everyday life for many of us. But some zodiac signs find this focus on themselves extremely difficult. Because they are not their number one priority in life.

For them, everything revolves around others.


Libras only want one thing in life: they want those around them to be happy. Because if their loved ones are doing well, Libras are doing well too – at least that’s their theory. And this is also a very loving approach that guides Libras in all their decisions. But in practice, it just doesn’t work. Because Libras never see themselves as a priority and always put their needs ahead of those of others – a mistake that can leave quite a lot of emotional wounds in them in the long run.


The crabs hate the word noRejection and disappointment shape them emotionally and make them feel guilty. Not just when they’re turned down, but especially when they feel like they’re disappointing someone. That’s why the crabs try everything so that it never comes to that. And this all involves loads of extra favors and a big shift in their priorities. Attention dear crabs, this can quickly be exploited by others!


Many Pisces do not understand the principle of self-care. Because the fact that you should be the number one priority in your own life just sounds selfish and egocentric to them. Two qualities that Pisces don’t have. Because extroverted beings they need the confirmation of others, they live from being able to recharge their batteries among people.

And that’s good too – the Pisces should make sure that it’s all about balance. One should also sometimes listen to one’s own hidden needs! Because in order to be at peace with yourself in the long term, you also need to deal intensively with yourself!

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