These Zodiac Signs Never Get Over Their First Love

First Love

These Zodiac Signs Never Get Over Their First Love

First crush, first love, first relationship. These are experiences that keep us busy. Yet some zodiac signs never get over them.

Because for these zodiac signs, first love is still an issue years later!


For emotional and sensitive Cancers, every relationship is a lasting milestone. But above all, the first big infatuation often doesn’t let go of her for a long time. Because the crabs, who like to think things through, still think of their first big swarm years later.

You then also think about what went wrong back then. Cancers tend to weep over fantasies like “that would have been the one” or “right person, wrong time”. Especially if you are currently single. But dear crabs: there were good reasons for the end of the relationship, trust your old self!


Pisces live for nostalgia. They like to retreat to their own little world and reminisce about old days gone by. Exactly this preference for “living in the past” is also expressed in matters of love. Because especially the first great love does not let go of the dear Pisces for a long time. Even if they are now forgiven, in a long-term relationship, or married: first love is always an issue for them.

Pisces is therefore also the sign of the zodiac that contacts the ex again after a few years. But not for romantic reasons, just to reminisce and rave about the “good old days” together for a moment.


As the ultimate perfectionist, Virgos love to analyze situations after the fact. This also applies to relationships. They mentally go through every argument years later, think about every step, and reconstruct the end of the relationship over and over again. This is especially true for the first relationship and the first great love.

Because perfectionists simply do not want to accept that they too are to blame for the end of a relationship and that they may have done something wrong – and therefore search intensively for the mistakes of the other.

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