Everyone has a place where they feel comfortable – really. Where he can shut down after a hard day and slowly recharge his battery. Maybe it’s a place with a wonderful view, your own garden or, quite simply, your own bed.

Whichever place you are thinking of when reading these lines, certain zodiac signs use it particularly often. Because by their nature they need more relaxation than others. Our horoscope will tell you exactly which three zodiac signs are involved.

These three zodiac signs need a lot of relaxation


Virgo -borns love their job more than anything – and it pays off. Because with their tireless discipline and structured way of working, they can score points in the business world. But that also means: You are assigned more and more tasks and accept one or the other overtime.

After a long day, they are especially looking forward to their me-time. Virgo-borns are not particularly picky about the design of their evening program and love to hide in a cozy bed with a good book after their work is done.


The Scorpio is probably – along with the Virgin – the most diligent zodiac sign. Because once he has set himself a task, he wants to implement it in the best possible way. And preferably immediately.

With this ambition, it quickly happens that the zodiac sign has a lot of construction sites at the same time and is really out of breath. In order to recharge its battery, the Scorpio treats itself to a few days off several times a year, preferably at the sea. Because those who work so hard can also reward themselves, right?


The Libra  is known for its poise and is especially valued by its favorite people for their sense of justice. It is not uncommon for the zodiac sign to act as mediator in disputes.

But anyone who believes that the zodiac sign simply finds its inner balance is far from it. People born in Libra indulge themselves and their bodies with some exercise every day, mostly in the form of yoga, in order to gain new strength and find their own center. Ommm!


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