While most people sunbathe and enjoy themselves at the lake, some prefer to spend the hot summer days in their own four walls. Because they try getting out of the sun way to go.

These signs of the zodiac avoid the sun wherever possible:


The virgin hates the sun. While she likes to spend more time outdoors in winter, she could stay in her apartment all the time in summer. Because she is incredibly annoyed by the constant sweats and swollen feet that come with sunny summer days. She would love to crawl out of her cave only when the summer is over.


Cancer gets really creative when it comes to avoiding the sun. He only meets up with friends in the evening, orders most of the shopping home in the summer and always has an excuse ready when it comes to going to the lake. In summer this zodiac sign becomes a real hermit and he avoids the sun wherever possible. In autumn and winter he becomes all the more active and catches up with everything he missed during the hot summer days.


Aquarius is a real adventurer. There is hardly a mountain that he has not yet tried to climb and hardly a country that he has not yet traveled. In the summer he is mostly drawn to the north. Because he knows for sure: When the sun is strong, he cannot do these activities that he would like to do. That’s why he usually avoids the sun at home and only really gets going in the evening.


Sagittarius is a real winter lover. No wonder, since he was born at this time of year too. He loves skiing and likes the feeling of snow under his shoes. Summer, on the other hand, is pure horror for this zodiac sign. The constant sweats and the debilitating heat bring this zodiac sign completely off the mark. You won’t find the Sagittarius in the blazing sun in summer. But on the contrary. He prefers to hide in the apartment and even seems quite lazy to outsiders. There are not many activities to be expected from him at this time of year.