Leo and Cancer

The chemistry between Leo and Cancer can be fantastic, but these two usually end up being bad and never agree. Cancers want a deep bond with their partner. Lions are extremely uncertain, which can destroy any chance of having confident cancer. Lions tend to have emotions that go from extreme to extreme and very quickly. Cancers don’t like it. They are sensitive to feelings and are not afraid of being emotionally torn and confused by Leo. This relationship is toxic hands down!

Capricorn and Aquarius

These two signs are very determined and could be the main reason why they are found. This determination is also the reason why many of these couples end up separating. The decision ends up ruining them. Capricorns like to put all their emotions into the relationship, while Aquarians want practical reasons in the relationship. Aquarians tend to be the dominant partner while Capricorns strive to find value in the relationship with emotion. These two will either fight brutally or sweep any of their problems under the rug. However, all these feelings will eventually accumulate and one of them will explode. This will cause a very toxic rupture.

Libra and Taurus

These two people might as well have a psychic connection because they are very similar in their way of thinking and their emotions. They will love and adore their partner, but they will want to have their individuality. This can cause a whole problem in the relationship, these two love being together so much that they can’t stand it when they’re apart for long periods of time. It finally starts to relate to the relationship.

Overall, you can see why these three relationships could be toxic. It all depends on you and how you treat your partner, but if you follow the zodiac, you should probably be wary of those you date. Your relationship could become toxic like this.

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