These Zodiac Signs Love Reality Tv

Love Reality Tv

These Zodiac Signs Love Reality Tv

” Jungle Camp”, “Bachelor” or “Too Hot To Handle”: These three zodiac signs just can’t get enough of reality TV.

For them, it’s much more than just a guilty pleasure!


Although many twins hate to admit it, they are addicted to reality TV! Because for them it is the perfect distraction from their stressful everyday life. The twins, who have thousands of to-dos on their lists non-stop, finally find a way to unwind on reality TV and lose themselves in each other’s troubles, dramas, and crises. Added bonus: they love the addictive factor. Because once you’ve fallen into the reality TV trap, you just want to watch ALL the shows. So there’s always a new program for the twins to jump into.


lions love drama; especially if they are not involved. Because they just can’t get enough of people arguing, mega bitching, or someone throwing drinks around dramatically. This is exactly the kind of entertainment that keeps Leos entertained for a long time. So you watch ALL formats in the hope of experiencing drama again and again. Added bonus: once they get into an argument of their own, the lions are only too happy to use the tactics and tricks they’ve learned from the reality formats-


For Aries, reality TV is a kind of social study. Because they just love to get an insight into the everyday life of other people and these shows are perfect for that. But what they like most about the formats is that they inspire so many people and you can simply gossip about the shows with anyone. Be it on social media or with a colleague at the lunch table: Aries are sure that reality TV connects. So it’s no wonder that with every new season of “The Bachelor” and “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” they make new contacts and build a new online community.

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