Dress up scary, watch the movie “Hocus Pocus” and carve faces in pumpkins – yes, Halloween is approaching in big steps! The festival, which originally came from the USA , is not necessarily for everyone in this country. Nevertheless, there are zodiac signs that are clearly drawn to these haunted scenarios ! 

The following zodiac signs can hardly wait for the scary day!


Leo-borns like to dress up! Of course, Halloween comes at the right time! Lions will of course not miss the opportunity to present themselves in a sensational disguise. Because the fire sign has been thinking about what to disguise for weeks. As a vampire, this zodiac sign will make a huge impression and will generously condescend not to punch your teeth into every carotid artery.


The sensitive watermark is really looking forward to this creepy and mystical time! But Halloween parties are not his thing as they are not a fan of large crowds. Instead, they prefer to surround themselves with their friends, partner or family. Cancers also aren’t particularly fond of scary costumes. Nevertheless, Cancer-borns love Halloween, because there is nothing better for them than to stay in pajamas and watch their favorite horror films with their loved ones . Ideally all Michael Myers films in a row!


Bulls love Halloween! But not just because of the pumpkins and costumes – the Taurus is a real connoisseur and knows how to enjoy life. That’s why he appreciates the huge amount of sweets, candies and creepy desserts on Halloween Yes, one can say that the Taurus is actually looking forward to it the most. By nature, Taurus-borns are very sensual and devoted to the beautiful things in life, so that they cannot resist even the ghostly desires.


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