These zodiac signs keep forgetting about sunscreen

Sure, you can’t always think of everything! And yet, especially in summer, you should make sure to apply lotion regularly when you are exposed to the sun. However, some zodiac signs need to be reminded very often that they are using sunscreen. It is not uncommon for them to already glow red and to have to be rescued directly from the danger zone.

These three zodiac signs in particular are not so particular about the lotion …


If you are in the zodiac sign Aquarius, you have probably already suffered one or the other really bad sunburn in your life. But not because Aquarius is too good to apply lotion to himself, but because he simply forgets it. No wonder, because as soon as the zodiac sign lies in the sun, it has already fallen asleep. And applying lotion would only disturb his restful sleep. How about just setting an alarm next time?


Gemini is considered to be a very curious zodiac sign . So instead of having to deal with using sunscreen more often during a city trip or on a day at the beach, twins are busy with something completely different. Watching people, reading books, having conversations and taking photos of sights are high on the list of priorities. Rather less creaming. The sign of the zodiac gets the bill immediately: a really unpleasant sunburnIf the twin does not have a nice companion who at least occasionally reminds him to put on sun protection, he is a hopeless case …


A day in the sun can be a challenge for shooters. Especially on the beach, where you get distracted really quickly. The zodiac sign actually always lives according to the same pattern: Apply sunscreen on the way to the beach (very exemplary), then immediately into the water because it is soooo hot (understandable), then dry a little and sunbathe a bit so that you are also nicely tanned (dangerous) and then it doesn’t matter anyway, because you’ll soon be going back into the water anyway (too late).


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