These Zodiac Signs Have To Deal With A Violent Love Chaos In August 2023

A Violent Love Chaos In August 2023

These Zodiac Signs Have To Deal With A Violent Love Chaos In August 2023

August can be a real test for a few zodiac signs. Because the planet Venus is currently in retrograde mode and can cause a lot of love chaos.

We’ll tell you who should be careful right now.


Cancer is intensely feeling the strange vibrations emanating from the planet Venus. Because suddenly the zodiac sign begins to question all decisions that affect the current love life. There is also one or the other unpleasant conversation in the room. Because of course, the opposite of the sign of the zodiac has many unanswered questions when it withdraws from one day to the next. But was that really the right decision? There is quite a chaos of love waiting for Cancer because what has happened once cannot be undone so easily.


As self-confident as the lion is when it comes to relationships, he is at a loss at the moment. For his streak of always getting what he strives for seems broken. A very specific person is responsible for this, who has turned the head of the zodiac sign quite a bit. But she doesn’t make it that easy for the lion. Because for the first time, he really has to show fighting spirit, which plunges him into violent love chaos. Suddenly there are feelings that the zodiac sign didn’t know existed before. One can only hope that the person in the lion’s focus is patient with him.


Libras like to be on the safe side. That’s why they only put everything on one card when they really trust a person. That is exactly the case at the moment. The trust is there, and the feelings are too. But this time it’s the scales whose head is turned properly. Because suddenly another person appears in the life of the zodiac sign, who leaves an electrifying feeling. The chaos of love is definitely pre-programmed here because Libra is no longer sure who her heart beats for. The best thing is that she trusts her intuition – because it has never let her down.

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