These Zodiac Signs Have A Conflict-filled Week Ahead Of Them

Conflict-filled Week

These Zodiac Signs Have A Conflict-filled Week Ahead Of Them

For many, Monday is synonymous with a fresh start. But for three zodiac signs, the new week does not only bring positive things.

Because these three have a lot of arguments and conflicts ahead of them!


Even if they can’t explain it themselves: the lions are particularly irritated this week. Even the smallest thing upsets them and they see every crooked look as an attack on their personality. Accordingly, the week is exhausting for them. Because the lions are not afraid to address the things that annoy them. And that’s quite a lot of things in the coming days! So it’s going to be a week full of inconsistencies and bitching; at least until the lions find the root cause of their bad mood.


The argument that will define Scorpio Week has been brewing for some time. Because in the past few weeks, the sign of the zodiac has repeatedly noticed a very specific person in their life. A person who actually means a lot to them, but who has recently given them the feeling that they are simply not good enough. The Scorpios no longer want to put up with this constant beating and go on the offensive. Because it takes a clarifying conversation to finally put aside the subliminal badmouthing.


For Sagittarians, this week’s conflicts are extremely varied and enormously confusing. Because actually everything is fine with the sign of the zodiac. But they just can’t shake the feeling that they are missing something important in life. And this week Sagittarians are looking intensively for that something in other people and new acquaintances. However, they quickly forget that they already have an extremely stable environment that they should not take for granted. What follows is an argument with the BFF, who craves more attention and approval!

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