These zodiac signs hate being late

Nobody, really nobody, likes to be late all the time. But there are some people who cannot cope with being late and get mad when they have to wait for someone all the time. Perhaps that could have something to do with the zodiac sign .

Because especially these three zodiac signs hate it when someone is late.


Being late is an absolute no-go for Taurus! The zodiac simply doesn’t want to see that you can’t leave the house early enough to be at the agreed meeting point at the agreed time. If you keep bulls waiting, you have to expect that they will let their anger run free as soon as you arrive. In the worst case, they just leave. Because being late is the highest form of rudeness for the zodiac sign! If you then point out to Taurus that it can be a bit of an exaggeration to make such a hoopla about five minutes late, then the best thing to do is to make sure that you get off the spot as quickly as possible …


Those who are in the zodiac sign Virgo know that they not only hate being late, but also tend to be a little too late. And by a little bit we mean VERY! If you are not at the agreed meeting point at least 15 minutes in advance, you are actually too late for virgins . On the other hand, this zodiac sign spends a lot of time waiting. Because most of the time, the person you’re talking to is a little late. That brings virgins to white heat! Since they often cannot hide their anger about it, the zodiac sign has risked friendships several times.


Libra really have their life under control! That’s why they have pretty much the best time management imaginable. There is a separate reminder for almost every occasion, you have never overslept in your life and time everything exactly to the second . It is all the worse for this sign of the zodiac if friends and family members are less well prepared and do not check two days in advance which subway they have to take to be on time.

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