These zodiac signs get married and tend to get divorced. Sorted from rank 1-12.

Some zodiac signs are just not intended for eternal marriage. Of course, there is nothing that can tell us with certainty how long a marriage will last or whether it will last forever. But astrology can tell us how likely it is that a zodiac sign will divorce after getting married.

Here the zodiac signs are sorted in a ranking, starting with the zodiac signs that are most likely to get divorced:

1. Gemini

Gemini is a mutable sign, which means that they have been known to change their minds, broaden their point of view, and evolve. Geminis have been known to fall in love with someone who lives in a different city or country, or who travels a lot. When someone is absent, they are perfectly balanced in their minds and all is well. But when that person is present, reality can end the relationship for a Gemini. To counteract these tendencies, Geminis need to examine carefully what is not working in their relationship. Just because someone is not perfect doesn’t mean things can’t get better. 

2. Capricorn

Capricorns are considered an honest and intelligent person who would be expected to have the qualities to keep a relationship going over the long term. However, Capricorns care more about themselves than about their partner. They are very confident and have their own views. If someone does not see things the way they do, it is very bad for them to tolerate it. The Capricorn should definitely try to be more relaxed in their relationship and show their partner more understanding if a divorce is to be prevented.

3. Aquarius

An Aquarius has a big heart and doesn’t have to be in a relationship all the time to feel fulfilled. However, people often take advantage of their kind. They can easily fall in love with someone who is not suitable for them because their loving heart is with those who are desperately looking for love. This relationship can therefore hold them back rather than support them. Once Aquarius realizes this, they will move away from the relationship and sooner or later likely to get divorced.

4. Leo

In relationships, Leo may be emotionally aloof and unwilling to show affection. This makes it difficult for him to deal with and understand all of the emotional aspects of a marriage. Leos will do their best to correct problems if they arise. However, sometimes they are insensitive to their partner’s needs. It takes someone with a lot of patience and understanding to have a lasting marriage.

5. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is always looking for new adventures. As long as marriage brings along these adventures, all is well. However, if these adventures turn into problems, things could get critical. Sagittarians aren’t exactly patient, and they can always spontaneously choose to throw it all out. As a partner, you have to have thick skin when you’re with a Sagittarius.

6. Scorpio

Scorpios are arguably the most passionate zodiac signs of all and especially want to feel valued when they are in a partnership. Marriage to a Scorpio could be great, but you also have to be careful. Because a Scorpio tends to be very jealous. He has high expectations of his partner, but in return is also very loyal and loving.

7. Virgo

Virgos are strong-willed and supportive. They want to get the best out of their partner and think a lot about their future together. Unfortunately, they also get frustrated when things don’t go the way they imagined. If a Virgo is to feel comfortable in a marriage, then the partner must support her with her plans because that will mean a lot to her.

8. Aries

As a passionate and loving person, Aries is not entirely against marriage. They want to find someone to commit to and start a life with, and the chances of a successful marriage are not bad. When Aries love someone, they will do anything to show their love for them. However, you can be very insecure at times. These insecurities can manifest themselves in a number of ways, making it difficult for your spouse to be patient with them. 

9. Libra

Libra is always looking for that special person to love and to give everything to. In relationships, they are trustworthy, loyal, and are excellent at resolving conflicts. However, it can sometimes be difficult to keep them satisfied. When it comes to their own needs, they may be selfish and unwilling to put the needs of others before theirs, even if those of their partner is. If they can learn to be a little more selfless and considerate, their chances of a happy marriage are much higher.

10. Cancer

Family life is the most important thing for cancer. Getting married, having children, living in a big, happy family – that’s what he always wanted. Cancer is an affectionate, warm, and caring person, which makes them the perfect marriage material. These zodiac signs will do everything possible to keep their marriage healthy and happy, even if it means they will have to overcome some obstacles. 

11. Taurus

In a marriage, Taurus is the most committed of all. Taurus always strives to give all they can to their families and the people they love. They are kind, charming, patient, and ready to do the job a successful marriage requires. Once they find someone they feel connected to, stay engaged for as long as the partner allows.

12. Pisces

Fish are known to swim with the current and their flexibility is truly remarkable. They are reliable and have a lot of compassion which makes them a great spouse. These zodiac signs are incredible partners who would love to never give up a marriage. And as long as no one takes advantage of their good nature, it won’t come to that either.



These zodiac signs get married and tend to get divorced. Sorted from rank 1-12.

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