These Zodiac Signs Cannot Flirt

Cannot Flirt

These Zodiac Signs Cannot Flirt

Not everyone is a master of persuasion. Every beginning is hard, especially in dating life. And flirting is an art that some zodiac signs don’t matter at all.

Remember that “Friends” episode where Ross tries to flirt with the pizza delivery girl and it gets — well — pretty awkward!? These zodiac signs are just as bad when it comes to small talk:


Pisces are very shy and introverted. Most of the time, they don’t even realize when someone wants to flirt with them. In addition, the zodiac sign is usually too cerebral to really let go and just casually make small talk with someoneBut the fish just have to come out of themselves a bit more and listen to their gut feeling, which usually knows quite well how to wrap someone around their finger.


Capricorns are confident, ambitious, and goal-oriented, at least when it comes to their careers. In private, things are a little different. The zodiac sign has no time for irrelevant flirts and nice small talk. They are more of the relationship type and want their dates to know that right away. Nothing is beautifully painted here. But that also means that you always know where you stand with a Capricorn.


Aries doesn’t like to read between the lines subtly either. He likes clear announcements and sees flirting as a waste of time. Instead, he likes to lay all his cards face up and hopes his opponent feels the same way. If not, the Aries will just move on without putting much energy into flirting.


The twins aren’t exactly rhetoricians. The zodiac sign cannot flirt at all. He lacks the quick-wittedness and the certain wink. Sometimes the twins are so clumsy in small talk that you don’t understand them at all. But that too is a strategy that sometimes works. After all, this type makes the zodiac sign very endearing.

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