One thing in advance: being pregnant is super exhausting and we have full respect for all mothers and those who will soon be.

Nevertheless, there are a few ladies who – well – do something during pregnancy and are exhausting: suddenly they can no longer do anything because it could be bad for the child, run to the doctor for every little thing or gripe all day long that the pants no longer fit them.

We know the zodiac signs that are particularly affected.

These are the zodiac signs with the most strenuous pregnancies

1. Capricorn

The Capricorn is super disciplined and always wants to do everything perfectly. That’s why he suffers a lot from himself during pregnancy. As soon as he feels that something is not going according to plan, he stresses himself and runs straight to the doctor. Fluctuations of feeling that rub the Capricorn itself, but also its environment quite nicely.

2. Pisces

The fish is so caring that he is constantly worried about whether his baby is really well. He often asks Doctor Google and quickly becomes a super-mom, with whom the environment just rolls his eyes at some point. Fish want to be fully looked after extra-soft fit, only certain foods … exhausting in the long run!

3. Aries

The rams are during pregnancy, not the easiest contemporaries. They are otherwise very determined, but in the case of pregnancy, they know everything three times better. Even when she already has five children, she doesn’t let her best friend tell her anything, and she also frowns at the gynecologist. Phew.

4. Cancer

From “Life is so beautiful” to “I can never do it”, there are all moods about cancer during pregnancy. There are only a few minutes between howling and laughing. The environment must have strong nerves and great empathy.


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