These zodiac signs are the most selfish

Let’s be honest. We all tend to be selfish and that’s fine!

It’s all due to the mix of the complex nature of our human being.

However, some of us tend to use this property a little more than others.

When a certain event or something in your life causes you to wonder: Am I being selfish?

Perhaps you should turn to astrology to find out if you are one of the most selfish zodiac signs.

We often don’t understand ourselves, so it is sometimes necessary to get outside information that will hopefully lead us to some insight – but it is also true that the most selfish people think they are not doing anything wrong.

They think it’s everyone else who has a problem, not them.

Do you think you could be one of those people?

Maybe it’s your zodiac sign – and absolutely not your fault. Is not it?

This can explain why and how this trait has taken over your personal and / or professional life.

Okay, maybe you are a little to blame – not quite the stars – but at least it helps to see why you are so, well, selfish.


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When an Aries realizes what he wants, he goes for it. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Well, it can get a little out of control too. Aries has a total “me first” attitude and tends to have one of the most determined personalities around.

It’s that simple: if you shop with an Aries and he sees the last pizza but knows you want it too, he will fight to the death to get it.

Sorry. He will find reasons (even if you know those reasons are not true) why he needs the last pizza.

Make sacrifices, Aries. We got it – you absolutely hate feeling uncomfortable, but really, it’s a part of life.

For once, let someone else have this pizza.


Although Taurus represents stability and dependability, their need for security can often make them greedy and materialistic.

He can also become overly sensitive, overly emotional, and definitely overly possessive.

For example, a Taurus woman will get her boyfriend to buy her hats just for a weekend trip to Fire Island, but she will fight the girl who is staring at her husband with hungry eyes. Yes it is a bull.

Stop asking for more and more, and let your relationships blossom with what you have.

And don’t be so aggressive.


While Gemini are great at being adaptable and versatile, this can slip out of your hand faster than you think.

Because of its mutable nature, it can be viewed as vain and superficial.

When you’re at a party with a twin, don’t be surprised if their fake personality pops up and a brand new person (who wasn’t in the car with you five seconds ago) shows up out of nowhere.

She tends to adapt to her surroundings for selfish reasons, and she doesn’t really care whether you feel like a ride or not.

You have to learn to come to terms with the fact that you should be yourself. No one is impressed with your material possessions or your reputation … if they hang out with you, it’s because, well, they like YOU.

So take off that false personality and let yourself be comfortable in your own skin.


A Virgo girl is careful. She has a keen eye for any kind of mistake or wrongdoing, which is great for personal development. But she is the first to criticize everyone else.

It’s one thing to be tough on yourself, but it’s another to be tough and critical of others.

Just because you wouldn’t do that doesn’t mean someone else can’t, Virgo.

Did I ask you if I gained weight? No. I didn’t ask for your opinion.

Stop thinking about how you would handle things, Virgo girls, and start making sure that the person you are talking to is different.

Hold back the criticism and let your friends do their own thing.

We don’t all always get what we want so make sure you let people think in their own way.


It’s no surprise that he can be quite selfish too.

It’s great that he’s fearless when it comes to standing up for every obstacle that comes his way, but when he sees something he wants, it’s game over for everyone else.

In his eyes is the name of the one thing he wants, regardless of who else has the same thing in mind.

Let someone else take the spotlight for a while.

If you want friends to stay around you, you have to make sacrifices.


These zodiac signs are the most selfish

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