Loyalty is not the most important thing in life for everyone. But some people cannot even imagine a relationship without this quality. But not only in love, also in friendships , loyalty is an important topic, especially for some zodiac signs.

These zodiac signs are among the most loyal souls:


For Scorpio, fidelity is paramount in a relationship. Regardless of whether in a partnership or friendship: You want to be able to rely on people and, conversely, they are always there for everyone . You wouldn’t betray anyone. Cheating is never an option for them, no matter how many opportunities come up. Once you love someone, you stay with that person. Even when things get tough, they’d rather try to work on it than throw in the towel and find the next one.


The scales not only hold lifelong friendships, but also love relationships. She loves the familiarity you have with your partner once the relationship is a few years old. She would never cheat because she is too smart for that. She knows exactly what they would lose if they slip up. The balanced scale always weighs up and likes to list all the advantages and disadvantages. According to this zodiac sign, infidelity doesn’t pay off.


The Capricorn keeps his promises, stays true to his principles, and is always honest. There is hardly a more loyal soul than this zodiac sign. Unlike other signs of the zodiac, the Capricorn does not have to repel its horns. Once he’s in love, he doesn’t need any more adventures. He knows: love is the greatest adventure of all.


Sagittarius not only has incredible self-control. He also seeks long-lasting, meaningful relationships. Loyalty is particularly important to him in life. In a partnership he likes to take on the reliable, supportive and loyalpart. He is always there for everyone and would not betray anyone in his life.