These Zodiac Signs Are Simply Happier When They Are Single

Happier When They Are Single

These Zodiac Signs Are Simply Happier When They Are Single

Being single – for some, it is a horrible idea, for others an absolute feeling of freedom. Society doesn’t really want to believe that you can be totally happy solo, but the stars are now providing proof: some zodiac signs are actually happier when single than in a partnership.

We’ll tell you what they are here.


Aries is born single because he loves independence. Sure, he likes to be in love, but basically, this sign of the zodiac gets along really well on its own. Not only that but only then can it really unfold! The creative fire sign simply needs its freedom! In addition, Aries does not crave affection and closeness as much as other zodiac signs.


Leos like to go their own way. They are almost allergic to compromises. But these are part of every relationship. It is therefore no wonder that many representatives of this zodiac sign to find it difficult to imagine a long-term relationship. You prefer to seek adventure because a relationship can be quite monotonous after a few years. Being single simply appeals to the zodiac sign! Because it is true: a lion belongs in freedom.


Virgos are also considered loners. You enjoy the time alone – whether doing sports or on the couch. And if they do commit themselves, everything really has to fit. Otherwise, a relationship for the earth sign makes little sense. Virgo may also prefer to be responsible only for themselves and their own happiness than for someone else’s as well. Peace of mind just somehow works better solo with this zodiac sign.

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