These zodiac signs are real party DJs

We all know someone who walks into a party and immediately takes the music scepter in hand! Who needs clubs when you have people who shake the best hits out of their sleeves and thus become true party DJs?

These three zodiac signs especially love to let out their inner DJ!


A party can’t start until fish enter! Because everyone knows that the zodiac sign has a secret predilection for party hits and can play numerous playlists off the cuff. From the 80s to the 90s, the best from the 2000s or current hits: Pisces know them all! That is why they are always welcome guests at parties – be it in private or in clubs. Where does the zodiac sign get the feeling for the right celebration music? That’s probably in his genes …


What do Cancers love more than going to parties? Right: the music at parties. At least if it comes from themselves. Therefore, they always have different playlists that are suitable for the party on their mobile phones, which are used immediately when the star sign enters a party. Crabs prefer to have house parties, of course, where everyone can hear and admire their extraordinarily good selection of music. Particularly practical: Depending on the group dynamics and preferences, the zodiac immediately changes the music genre, so the mood always remains at its peak!


For Löwen a party is only good if the music selection is right. And since the zodiac sign has its own idea of ​​what is “good” and what is not, it often engages DJs in clubs and discotheques in conversations and, with its charming way, gets them to play whatever they want. And in the same way, without really doing much, Lions often become true party DJs. It remains to be seen whether the other club visitors also like it so much.


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