Some people set their own standards so high that they can quickly become overwhelmed by themselves. This characteristic also often depends on the zodiac sign .

These zodiac signs are quickly overwhelmed with themselves and the world:


The Scorpio is overwhelmed pretty quickly. A full schedule is usually not the problem at all. On the contrary, the zodiac sign likes to be busy. However, the Scorpio often forgets to say “no”. He is also not particularly good at addressing problems, which is why he quickly reaches his limits in professional life. As soon as the Scorpio gets a more detailed overview, arranges his appointments and admits to himself that he cannot do everything at once, his everyday life will quickly become less stressful.


Cancer is mostly overwhelmed with its own emotions. He is a very sensitive person and is sensitive to rejection. Knowing that his thin skin is not very helpful in professional life, he tries to suppress his feelings. At some point, however, they come up again and the cancer is completely overwhelmed by the situation. The sign of the zodiac finds balance in the circle of friends. Because there it can let its emotions run free.


Pisces demand perfection. Not just from everyone else, but also from themselves. Therefore, they put themselves under constant pressure and expect to have everything under control. But fish are only human too. They need a balance and an environment where they just don’t have to be perfect, otherwise they just overwhelm themselves.


Gemini love to communicate. They carry their feelings on the tip of their tongue and usually do not think about how what is said will be received by the other person. Although Gemini basically don’t want any harm, that’s why they have already given you a swipe or two without knowing it. If they are then asked about it, they are quickly overwhelmed and irritated. Gemini cannot handle the stress of a confrontation at all. That has already led to one or two conflicts in professional life.