These Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Naive When It Comes To Love

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These Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Naive When It Comes To Love

As beautiful as love may be, it can also be quite painful at times. But once the rose-colored glasses are on, the brain usually switches off. But no matter how in love you are, you shouldn’t rush things and take your time before taking the next step. However, some zodiac signs tend to believe everything they are told.

Unfortunately, these zodiac signs are a little too naive when it comes to love and are therefore often injured.


Cancers are the frontrunners among the zodiac signs when it comes to personal naivety in love life. It’s not a big surprise since Cancers are generally known to be very dreamy. Which is a great quality in itself, but not necessarily helpful when it comes to dating. Because they have ideas about the perfect partner that are simply completely unrealistic. They therefore usually fall in love with people who are not really tangible and leave them in a hurry as soon as feelings come into play.


Capricorns have usually hidden their feelings behind their hard armor, but they are also very easy to turn their heads. Security and physical closeness are extremely important to him, especially in a relationship. If his crush gives him enough affection, he’ll even overlook some red flags. Not the best strategy. No wonder those born under this zodiac sign are often hurt and disappointed. The confusing thing about it: Is that you would never say a bad word about your loved one. Their naïve streak is also reflected in the fact that Capricorns very often live in their own “illusory world”.


Common interests are particularly important to Pisces when it comes to love. They, therefore, yearn for their perfect match – i.e. a person with whom there is total harmony in the relationship. However, it quickly happens to Pisces that they let themselves be dazzled by a beautiful outer shell and simply overlook the negative characteristics of their potential partner.  True to the motto: “We have things in common, then a good person must have it too”, Pisces often draw their conclusions without thinking too much. It often happens that they are bitterly disappointed.

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