These zodiac signs are particularly lying – according to the horoscope

1. Scorpio

Hardly any zodiac sign is as full of passion and determination as to the scorpion. Whether at work, with friends or in a relationship, he always does everything from the bottom of his heart and with the greatest will. This is precisely what makes scorpions the perfect managers. You have exactly the right mix of resilience and intuition. The problem: They are often not honest in their statements and lie without batting an eyelid. They like to invent crazy stories among friends so that they take center stage. Most of the time, nobody notices, because they tell their lies with the greatest confidence.

2. Aries

Always a plan and very determined: that’s what the zodiac sign Aries is. His confident and decisive demeanor is admirable. But can you really trust them? Limited! With their ruthless and selfish manner, they surprise particularly sensitive and sensitive people. If in doubt, they would also lie just to achieve their goals. With the adage of life “Head through the wall!” They don’t shy away from anything and do everything as they please.

3. Fish

The shy fish attract many people because they exude something very positive. Particularly admirable? Your intuition. Friends especially appreciate her big heart. But beware: fish are masters of lying! No matter if the classic excuse for being late or the wrong statement à la “That suits you great!” When spending with guys: They vamp fully often and like to. Even in the partnership, they would not tell their partner if they smooched. But on the contrary. They prefer to cover everything up and then let the grass grow over them so that they don’t hurt anyone.


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