These Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Heartbreaking

Particularly Heartbreaking

These Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Heartbreaking

Unfortunately, among the signs of the zodiac, there are three that break our hearts more often than others. According to the horoscope, they are more likely to leave their partners. So if you want to protect yourself from heartbreak, you should think carefully about your relationship with them.

These three zodiac signs are heartthrobs.


The cerebral Virgo thinks twice and three times over every decision she makes. And that doesn’t bode well for a relationship. Because of her indecisiveness, she has already made some admirers flounder in the past and broken their hearts. So beware of the virgin. Even if she doesn’t mean it badly, she needs her time. So if you want to have a Virgo by your side, you have to be patient and be prepared for a lot of back and forth.


Sagittarius has a particularly strong urge for freedom. And this urge keeps putting a spanner in the works for the zodiac sign in love. In the beginning, love seems exciting and adventurous to him. But after a certain time, of course, everyday life returns to a relationship. However, the zodiac sign does not endure the monotonous and everyday routine well at all. Which is why it has already left one or the other heart behind for its thirst for adventure.


Leo loves to be ensnared and to be the center of attention. In doing so, he always draws a few people under his spell. However, if he takes a person to heart, the lion then wants to get just as much attention as before. And that can be quite difficult in everyday life. But completely incomprehensible for the zodiac sign. If Leo doesn’t get what they want, they may well reorient themselves and give up the relationship for the limelight.

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