These Zodiac Signs Are On A Losing Streak In The Coming Weeks

Losing Streak

These Zodiac Signs Are On A Losing Streak In The Coming Weeks

It can’t always go uphill – three zodiac signs, in particular, are currently noticing this. Because they are going through a really bad luck streak.

But don’t worry: this phase will soon be over!


The coming weeks are a real test for the Lions. Because as great perfectionists, they can’t deal with a streak of bad luck – and are currently overwhelmed accordingly. Because not having at least one sense of achievement every day pulls the lions down and causes some self-doubt – especially in professional life!

But the lions wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t do everything they could to get back on the fast track. For them, this means a lot of commitment, perseverance, and the insight that everyone makes mistakes! And ultimately, it is precisely this realization that also brings the end of the bad luck – and is a little lesson for the lions.


Streaks of bad luck are simply part of the PiscesBecause the sign of the zodiac tends to live in extremes! Sometimes it goes enormously uphill – and sometimes steeply downhill. And after experiencing some highs at the beginning of the year, they are currently in a small low again. Big plans are now falling through, some goals seem unattainable and her clumsy streak is showing more than ever. But as absolute optimists, the Pisces know: this too will pass. And even if everything is going wrong at the moment, they are aware that the next lucky streak is already in the starting blocks.


Something is standing in the way of Virgos – and unfortunately, they don’t know exactly what it is themselves. But the things they set out to do just don’t work out and their big plans and dreams are getting farther and farther away. This frustrates Virgos more and more. In theory, everything should work. But practice currently has something else in store for her. What the zodiac sign needs now is a break – and a little distance from the big goals. This is the only way they can get out of this low and realize: everything will work out!

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