Attention, pitfall! There are zodiac signs that are true masters of intrigue spinning. Whether you want to take revenge or are simply looking for your own advantage, everyone should beware of these zodiac signs …

According to the horoscope, these 3 zodiac signs are intriguing


The most sneaky zodiac sign? The scorpion has truly earned this medal. The sign of the zodiac is a master at spinning intrigue – especially if someone has hurt you, you are looking for revenge immediately. Your attacks are less impulsive than sophisticated and planned down to the smallest detail. Because if you attack, it should really hurt!


With your head through the wall, always with the goal in mind: that’s how Aries is described. A spark of truth is definitely there. And unfortunately, that also means: In order to achieve what you set out to do, you are ready to put everything and everyone out of the way. Since you like to let your competition fall on the nose by one or the other intrigue … there can only be one number!


You love your loved ones – but in some moments the ego trip grabs you and you want to grab everything. Then you become so possessive that (almost) every means is right to get you there. Warning, you can actually even play family members against each other so that you stay everybody’s darling. Rather think back to your family sense.


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