These Zodiac Signs Are Having An Encounter With Their Ex From 27th March To 2nd April 2023

Having An Encounter With Their Ex

These Zodiac Signs Are Having An Encounter With Their Ex After The Weekend

It’s the one person you don’t necessarily want to see: the ex. But unfortunately, three zodiac signs can’t prevent that this weekend.

But that can also have good sides!


The Pisces have actually completely finished with their last partnership and are at peace with the relationship. At least that’s what they thought. However, seeing the ex with a new one at the side surprises them this weekend. Because they don’t really like this sight. The Pisces have to realize: maybe they pushed the whole thing a bit too quickly and still have to work through a few things. So the small talk with the new dream couple could get a little awkward.


Hardly any zodiac sign is as nostalgic as Cancer. Accordingly, they mourn those who have passed away for a long time. Even those people who never had a real relationship at all. The first crush in particular is a sore point for many crabs in this context. Watching this one over the weekend can therefore end in two scenarios: either the crabs fall back into self-pity and nostalgia, or they finally tackle the matter and talk aggressively. It’s up to the crabs alone to determine if the crush they’ve passed has a place in the future after all!


Heartbreak is still fresh in Scorpio, which is why the zodiac sign is doing what it does best: distract yourself! So for Scorpios, it’s all about parties and socializing. The fact that they see their ex of all people in their familiar surroundings takes them a bit by surprise. Is there maybe a second chance for you? Has everything really been said? Perhaps a club is not the ideal atmosphere for such conversations, but it’s high time for Scorpios to face their feelings.

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