These Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Malicious

Extremely Malicious

These Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Malicious

Enjoying the whoops of others is not good quality. But some zodiac signs simply cannot resist and are therefore extremely malicious.

For them, every mistake, no matter how small, is a reason to laugh.


Capricorns are extremely ambitious. They have so much on their to-do list and want to achieve so many big goals. In doing so, they sometimes lose their empathetic side and resort to elbow tactics. And the Capricorn has it all.

Because once they are in competition mode, Capricorn-born finds it difficult to get out again. That means they only focus on their successes; the only thing they notice from others is their mistakes. And with these, they are particularly gloating!


Virgos mean no harm in their glee at all. On the contrary: as perfectionists, they know exactly how devastating a mistake can be. Very empathetic people also recognize accordingly when a situation is particularly unpleasant for the other person.

But Virgos just can’t ignore it. Rather than pointing out the mistake or harping on it, Virgos prefer to laugh about it. They want to raise their spirits and show that it’s not a big mistake or that it can happen. But more often than not, that laughter is misunderstood and has the effect of making them seem malicious. 


Sagittarians tend to be very jealous. They like to compare their lives to those of others and spend hours thinking about the things that others have and don’t. This is true even for the people who are most important to them in life.

With all this pent-up jealousy, it’s no wonder that the shooters perceive mistakes and slip-ups all the more intensely and react maliciously. It’s a shame because if Sagittarians would concentrate on their own lives, they would quickly realize how lucky they are.

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