These zodiac signs are experiencing a challenging December

Stress, carousels of thought or problems at work: a time full of challenges is just around the corner for three zodiac signs. But first of all: Everything will be better soon!

The thought that we are on the verge of being able to say goodbye to the turbulent year 2020 soon actually feels totally liberating. And yet: For some signs of the zodiac it is again “Close your eyes and through” in December – because the stars exert intense pressure on some signs of the zodiac, which causes problems and a number of challenges. Are you among them?

These zodiac signs are going through a December full of problems

Click through our picture gallery and find out which challenges are facing which zodiac sign.

Virgo zodiac sign: what are you afraid of? You will have to deal with this question in the next few weeks of December. Topics related to your personal and professional life are the order of the day this month because a lot is changing. As it was before, it can no longer go on, because the problems and dissatisfaction are only increasing with you. Now is the time to restructure! 


These zodiac signs are experiencing a challenging December


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