Hardly any other feeling polarizes as much as envy. Being jealous can motivate us to perform at our best because it brings us goals and shows us what we could have – at the same time, it can make us bitter because, driven by this feeling, we only see what we don’t have. And while it is totally human to envy others every now and then, there are three zodiac signs in particular that are particularly prone to this feeling according to the horoscope.

According to the horoscope: three zodiac signs are particularly often jealous of others

1. Scorpio

Scorpios are not necessarily known for their willingness to compromise and, above all, do not easily get involved in interpersonal relationships. If you have a Scorpio in your life, you can be sure to keep it there. But he has to reckon with the fact that society is not always easy. For as loyal and devoted as the earth sign is to others, it expects exactly the same in return. If this expectation is disappointed, the companions of the Scorpio can have a hard time: Envy is often shown here in hurtful words.

2. Leo

The lion is a fighter by nature: His ambition, especially at work, drives him to top performance and gives him the feeling of being in a competition where there is actually no one. If someone else does better than the fire sign in this homemade challenge, it gets annoyed quickly. The envy that arises in Leuven is by no means directed against others – her strong protective instinct and her sense of justice protects her from this – but is converted directly into new motivation: From now on, step up the gas to face the next challenge for yourself to decide.

3. Bull

Taurus don’t do things by halves – for them, there is only all or nothing. They have their goals just as clearly in mind as the path. This can also be seen in love: Here, their determination makes Taurus reliable, loyal partners. Unfortunately, this can also lead to the fact that you feel constricted in the embrace of the Taurus-born. But as soon as bulls notice that their loved ones are looking for space and loosen themselves a bit from their grip, all alarm bells ring for them. The mood quickly changes – and bulls show their envious, jealous side.

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