These Zodiac Signs Are Catching Up With Their Past Over The Weekend

Catching Up

These Zodiac Signs Are Catching Up With Their Past Over The Weekend

A bit of nostalgia and reminiscing is sometimes good for all of us. But for three zodiac signs, the past will come back into focus in the coming days.

Because an old acquaintance turns up surprisingly again.


Aries are very social people and love to have a large circle of friends with a wide variety of people. But it can also happen that you lose sight of a person. And it is precisely this one person who now appears, completely surprised, again. Not really bad news, were it not for a problem: this person found the long radio silence rather mean and is willing to squabble about the past. This is definitely not how the Aries imagined their weekend. But there is also a glimmer of hope: after the argument, a friendship could develop again.


Actually, a real new start full of motivation, energy, and a good mood will start for Pisces in the coming days. But before the Pisces can plunge into their new phase of life, one last encounter from the past awaits them. A former crush who caused quite a bit of heartache. So it’s time for an open debate. And with this, the fish can get rid of everything; even if it’s pretty uncomfortable for them initially. But it’s worth it. Because at the end of the debate, the fish can finally look ahead!


If you have a fight with a Gemini, you have to be prepared because the fight can quickly escalate. Because Gemini is the classic “all or nothing” sign of the zodiac. When they argue, they put all their cards on the table and aren’t afraid to cut the affected person out of their lives entirely. But this extreme reaction is not always the right one. That shows at the weekend a clash with the BFF of the past. Now the twins have to realize: maybe they too make mistakes now and then.

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