Lovesickness, stress in the office or just exchanging gossips. WhatsApp and Messenger messages are essential for many to maintain a friendship. However, some zodiac signs often don’t even create an emoji as an answer.

With these three zodiac signs, it is very likely that they will not write back for a very long time.

Aries :

Aries are notorious for their poor writing etiquette . This is due to the volatility and forgetfulness of many Aries . Although they see the message, they are then distracted by 20 other tasks and projects. The resolution to answer quickly disappears or is pushed back and forth until it is then forgotten.

There is never a bad thought behind this, but simply a to-do list that is too full. So if you want to make concrete plans with an Aries or urgently need emotional support, the best thing to do is to simply call or write a few times to get an answer.


Anyone who tries to have small talk with the Capricorn will quickly no longer get any answers. Because for the ambitious Capricorn there are usually more important things than talking about the weather or yesterday’s dinner . So if the topic isn’t exciting or challenging enough for a Capricorn, the zodiac sign tends to just cut off the conversation . This can lead to the fact that you are hosted by a Capricorn or that you feel uninteresting .

If you want to entice a Capricorn into a written conversation, you should rely on asking questions that will get the Capricorn to speak about himself . This is especially good for the zodiac sign and it can lead to monologues and voice messages that are very long.


Cancers, too, sometimes take forever to write back. But this is not due to lack of interest, but rather on the sensitive side of the crabs. Because even the shortest message is of enormous value to them and they definitely don’t want to say the wrong thing with their answers .

Because cancer is often unsure whether its answer is relevant at all and thinks for a long time until it has found “the right one”. As a result, Cancers tinker with their answers forever , rearranging and rewriting them 100 times, only to then answer very briefly and succinctly . So don’t be surprised if it takes a Cancer three days to send a one-line answer.