Admittedly, we can currently no longer decide which of the numerous reality shows to watch first. From dating to stars who suddenly live in a community and models who have to prove themselves. The choice is just too big! But some people just know ALL of them and don’t miss a single episode .

These zodiac signs are especially prone to reality TV!


One of twins’ favorite pastimes? Reality TV! Because after a long, exhausting day, there is nothing better for this zodiac sign than just sitting in front of the TV and watching Z celebrities argue. It gets even better for the twin if he watches the shows with friends, because then he can immediately add his mustard and discuss with the others how terrible Person X is and why Person Y definitely deserves the victory to take home.


Cancer loves drama! Therefore, he never misses an opportunity to virtually watch live when a proper blasphemous thunderstorm is brewing over the heads of the would-be celebrities or casting show candidates. The zodiac sign prefers to read through what other people have to say about it, for example on Twitter or Instagram . And sometimes, when he’s really crazy, the cancer even talks shop!


Reality shows are part of the daily life of the Sagittarius! When he’s not looking at one again, he likes to scour Instagram and Co. to stay up to date and to see which participant is doing what. The specialty of the zodiac: dating shows! Like no other, he immediately remembers who is which candidate and gives a direct prediction of who will get how far. The scary thing: Most of the time, the zodiac sign is perfectly right. How is that possible? Through a very good knowledge of human nature or simply because he is already an old hand in the show area …