These Zodiac Signs Are Absolutely Not Good With Money

Not Good With Money

These Zodiac Signs Are Absolutely Not Good With Money

The first week of the month is over and hardly anything is left of the salary. Well, who knows? Some zodiac signs are really not good at saving – they don’t know how to manage money at all.

These zodiac signs are particularly bad at managing their finances.


Leos love luxury. You crave the finer things in life; not only to live a life of glamor and glory but above all to show it off. Because the lions are very concerned about their image and like to show off their possessions. But that also means that they have to maintain a certain standard: They always need the latest mobile phone, the nicest bags, and the most modern outfits.

With all the efforts to improve their image, the lions quickly forget that the constant shopping trips have fatal consequences for their bank balance. A little tip, dear lions: you can also rent trendy bags and clothes online – and vintage is totally modern anyway; so take a look at a second-hand shop before you sacrifice your next salary for a shopping spree!


For shooters, shopping is self-care. True to the motto “I don’t treat myself to anything else” they buy the most luxurious things. The only problem: This “treat yourself once in a while” quickly becomes a habit with the shooters and a shopping trip becomes a daily fixed point because the shooters love Retail Therapy – much to the annoyance of their wallets.

In the end, shopping only makes Sagittarius happy for a short time anyway; then they long for the next reward. A real vicious circle, from which the sign of the zodiac can only break out if it looks at all the shopping trips and also does an ice-cold financial check. Because you quickly lose the need for the latest bag.


Pisces like to live their day-to-day life and try to let as few worries as possible into their everyday life. This also applies to finances. Because instead of actively keeping an eye on expenses and income, Pisces like to suppress their financial situation and live according to the motto “The next salary will come soon”.

An attitude that can also have fatal consequences. Because of their dreamy nature, Pisces rarely have financial reserves or a savings account. If extreme expenses or repair costs arise unexpectedly, the fish have to think about something quickly to bear the costs.

The only ray of hope: Hardly any other zodiac sign is as creative as Pisces; they always come up with a solution to get money quickly.

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