No matter if fashion, beauty or it-bars. Some people just always track down the latest trends and are therefore absolute trendsetters in their environment.

These three zodiac signs are absolute trendsetters.


Aquarians don’t mind swimming against the current once in a while. All the better is their sense of upcoming trends and the bizarre unknown .

Aquarians know exactly which underground bar is going to be popular and which label is up and coming. But as soon as the hype gets too big, Aquarius separates from it and moves to the next underground trend.


Lions are prone to vanity. It is accordingly important to them to present themselves as perfectly as possible . But that doesn’t mean that they follow all trends; But on the contrary.

The idiosyncratic lions often decide what suits them and thus create new trends . The lions’ trick: they love extravagance and dig deeper into their pockets to buy a statement piece .


The zodiac sign Virgo places a strong focus on aesthetics . As a result, they always have a special feel for new looks and combinations and know exactly what suits them.

Presentation plays an important role with the Virgo . You can combine even the most extraordinary looks in such a way that those around you want to copy the outfit immediately . That is why you are quickly seen as the ultimate trendsetter in your circle of friends.