These Zodiac Signs Always Feel Like They’re Missing Out

They're Missing Out

These Zodiac Signs Always Feel Like They’re Missing Out

Ever heard of FOMO? I’m sure we’ve all been affected by this. Because there are plenty of opportunities that make you feel like you’re missing out on something important. This characteristic is particularly pronounced in these three zodiac signs.

Because they can’t really enjoy anything without worrying about what they might be missing out on.


Even if the Aries is a real connoisseur, he often gets in his own way. Especially on vacation. Because although he just wants to relax, he doesn’t really succeed. He racks his brain far too often about what he still has to experience in order to savor every second. However, only those around him notice the stress he causes himself as a result. If you point this out to the zodiac sign, it often reacts annoyed and with incomprehension. After all, you don’t find yourself at a vacation spot very often, and accordingly, you have to use what’s in front of you.


Leos love company around them. Therefore, they only feel comfortable when they are surrounded by countless people. Meeting with just one person is only an option for the zodiac sign in exceptional cases. But even if you finally manage to have dinner together, you can be sure that you won’t be undisturbed for long as a couple. The lion is constantly answering messages – on top of that, the phone is constantly ringing and one party invitation after the other is pouring in. The sign of the zodiac finds it difficult to cancel as they are very afraid of missing an important moment.


Just sitting still and doing nothing is not an option for the Scorpio. There are just too many opportunities that you just shouldn’t miss. However, this often puts the zodiac sign in stressful situations, because rushing from one place to the next and really not missing a hip event just so that you can have a say everywhere is probably not the healthiest lifestyle. Of course, there is always something to experience and dead pants may not be for everyone – but it certainly doesn’t hurt to take a break from time to time.

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