Sometimes everything is said in two words. You can find out here which two words best describe the different signs of the zodiac according to the horoscope.

Of course, all zodiac signs have complex personalities and you could easily write a trilogy about each one. For once, we will be very brief here and limit ourselves to the two words that best describe each zodiac character.

Horoscope: These two words best describe your character – according to the zodiac sign

Capricorn: “I can.”

Capricorns are self-confident, ambitious, determined – and above all so competent and successful because they believe in themselves and their abilities.

Aquarius: “I know.”

Aquarians revere the truth and trust it to exist. This trust gives you the conviction you need to say “I know” about yourself.

Pisces: “I see.”

Pisces understands almost everything and everyone. They are very good at taking different perspectives and looking at things from different angles. This enables them to understand a lot – and to forgive.

Aries: “I am.”

Aries live intensely and do not hold back. You are always present, direct, and authentic.

Taurus: “I have.”

On the one hand, Taurus values possession because it enables stability. On the other hand, they are good at appreciating what they have and also enjoying the little things.

Gemini: “I ask.”

Gemini is on the one hand pragmatic, on the other hand very curious and receptive – that’s why they are constantly looking for new input and knowledge. And what’s the best way to get that? Exactly: by asking!

Cancer: “I feel.”

Cancers are sensitive and believe in the power of emotions. They listen a lot to themselves and (mostly) live in harmony with their emotions.

Leo: “I want.”

Leos understood that we can only make a positive contribution once we take care of ourselves. That is why the fire sign does it just right and puts its own needs first.

Virgo: “I give.”

Virgos always give 100 percent and even then still have the feeling that it is not enough. They are always trying to make themselves useful and make the world a better place, and feel unbalanced and uncomfortable when they can’t get involved.

Libra: “I accept.”

Libra are tolerant and respect everyone, every animal, and every plant. They are patient, find something good in everything and therefore always live in peace and harmony with themselves and the world.

Scorpio: “I do.”

Scorpios are doers. It is true that they always act very carefully, efficiently, and purposefully – but they do it. Think about it until it’s too late with the watermark.

Sagittarius: “I’ll try.”

Sagittarians are adventurous, eager to experiment, and always need variety and new input, otherwise, they quickly get bored. You want to get to know as many facets of life as possible, do not shy away from challenges, and like to try out everything that is possible.


These two words perfectly describe your zodiac sign

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