These three zodiac signs have the perfect last weekend of July

The last weekend in July has a brilliant full moon in its luggage and will be an absolute highlight for three zodiac signs

These zodiac signs have the perfect last weekend of July

Astrologically, July was not an easy month and had one or two hurdles up its sleeve. Now the last weekend of July is ahead of us, which brings the month to a close with a great full moon on Saturday. It finally puts an end to the ongoing stagnation and inspires us to finally develop new ideas again – and tackle them immediately! Three zodiac signs now feel liberated and will enjoy the warm days to the full:


The moon moves into Aquarius – this brings the zodiac sign an extra portion of energy . Aquarius will not stay at home this weekend, he wants to breathe, create new experiences, meet exciting people. In doing so, he himself creates the perfect conditions for a successful weekend: With his drive and positive energy he will infect friends and family and finally regain confidence that things will go uphill.

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No matter what Taurus’ plans for the last weekend in July: It will probably turn out differently than planned. But once Taurus has swallowed his resentment at the change of plan, he will open his eyes and heart to all that is beautiful that these two days will hold in store for him. 


Scorpio-born people feel pleasantly restless this weekend. No wonder, the full moon in Aquarius brings with it a great desire for freedom, which also spreads to Scorpio. The full moon gives him a nudge in a new direction and blows away cloudy thoughts in his head that have been occupying him since the beginning of summer. So it’s time to break the shackles and just do whatever you want!

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