These three zodiac signs have a love phobia

It takes a lot of courage to open up to someone and make them vulnerable. This is especially difficult for those zodiac signs with a love phobia

For some, there is nothing better than falling head over heels in love. You have the romantic idea in your head that you will spend the rest of your life with a certain person, so right from the start, you don’t shy away from being open about your deep feelings.

It is different with those who have problems showing their vulnerable side and opening up to someone. Added to this is the fear of rejection and heartache. Therefore, according to the horoscope, it is very difficult for the following zodiac signs to fall in love:


People born in Leo only trust one person: themselves. Although they are considered self-confident and have no problems getting to know new people, the zodiac sign often backs down when feelings come into play. The fear of an abuse of trust and lovesickness is too great, which is why you can only put your love phobia down with a person who gives you a lot of security and shows a lot of devotion.


What if he or she still meets with others? What if his or her feelings are not strong enough? The analytical virgin stands in her own way in falling in love. She plays out all the scenarios in her head, which unfortunately prevents her from listening to her heart. Fearing that their feelings will be played with, the Virgo builds a protective wall around herself that can only be broken down by a particularly honest, sincere and soulful person.


With a little flirtation, the adventurous and easy-going shooters are right there. But woe, it’s getting serious! When the zodiac sign realizes that they are developing feelings for someone, their fearful side emerges, and it is not uncommon for them to back down. Sagittarius can only get rid of their love phobia if the potential partner is so informal and relaxed that being together feels extremely carefree and free. This takes away the Sagittarius fear of a relationship and he does not have to fear for his freedom.


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