These Three Zodiac Signs Are Unlucky On Dating Apps

Unlucky On Dating Apps

These Three Zodiac Signs Are Unlucky On Dating Apps

Getting to know your great love via Tinder, Bumble & Co.? These three zodiac signs can only dream of it. Because when it comes to dating apps, luck is definitely not on their side.

Apps should forget these zodiac signs in their search for love.


The lion loves to hold monologues and tell in detail about himself and his experiences. Unfortunately, that doesn’t go over well at all in chat. Because the eternally long blocks of text simply scare most people off. In face-to-face conversations, the lion does not have this problem. Here the dynamics of the conversation are completely different and the zodiac sign seems much more open and alert to the other person.


Scorpio is a passionate zodiac sign. That’s why dating apps are a huge challenge for him. Because he lacks a real connection to his match. In contrast to the lion, the scorpion hardly reveals anything about itself in the chat. The other person notices this very quickly and quickly runs away. In real life, dating life looks very different for Scorpio. Because his interest in the other person and his ability to listen is very well-received here.


Capricorn is probably the most pragmatic zodiac sign there is. In the chat of the dating apps, he peppers his matches with countless questions. After all, he has to make sure that his counterpart also meets all his expectations and criteria. Spoiler Alert: This very rarely happens. Therefore, Capricorn cannot boast of countless dates. In real life, Capricorns don’t approach their love life as purposefully, surprisingly leaving love to fate.

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