These three zodiac signs are real night owls

“I’m always tired in the morning, but I wake up in the evening”. The catchy tune of the Berlin band Laing is more than ten years old, but it could still be the motto of many people today. Namely the so-called night owls.

Our horoscope will tell you which three zodiac signs are mostly night owls and what keeps them on their feet at these late hours.

These three zodiac signs are real night owls


The zodiac sign  Scorpio has bite! Because it is known for its hard work and perseverance – regardless of the area. So if the watermark has to work late at night in order to finish its set goals in time, it doesn’t mind at all. Because it knows: the effort will soon pay off.

Nice side effect: Scorpios are usually super successful in their job due to their hard work and can therefore afford a city apartment with a fantastic view. And who doesn’t love to stay up late to marvel at the glittering skyline?


A little party never killed nobody – twins love to move around the houses at night. As a very extroverted air sign, they enjoy meeting new people with good music and fancy cocktails. And if the zodiac sign likes the party, it will leave it as the last guest. After all, you’re only young once!

Tip for Gemini partners: Let your sweetheart sleep in the next morning, otherwise you will be punished with a bad mood.


Aquarius borns love freedom. And that also means that they want to live out their creative side to the fullest. No matter when and where.

That means in plain language: If the air sign has a creative moment late at night, it has to take advantage of it immediately. And who can say whether these are minutes or even hours?

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