Are you one of those people for whom optimism is a foreign word? Who comes up with horror scenarios for every situation? And always believe that everyone wants something bad for them? Then we have to tell you that you are very likely one of the three pessimistic zodiac signs who always see only the bad.

According to the horoscope, these three zodiac signs are particularly pessimistic


Like cancer, you are incredibly opinionated, but you tend to have a negative view of things. In order not to be disappointed as a person, you prefer to start from the worst – but that doesn’t always help. Your pessimism also affects your good mood, which you often cannot protect against the bad vibes. Don’t forget: Not everyone wants something bad for you!


Black painting is almost the order of the day for you! Your negative thoughts can be found in almost all areas of life and influence your everyday life very strongly – especially because you always project your mood onto others. Whether it’s true or not, you believe that many people dislike you and interpret too much in their statements. Try to talk to yourself especially when you have bad thoughts!


Distrust always ensures that you lose faith in other people and start from the worst case. Small lies or discrepancies in particular trigger the feeling of being cheated and require you to react, which is usually pessimistic. You should remember that positive turns are also an option and it doesn’t always have to be bad for you.


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