Together with experts, we have created a playlist that should help you get over your heartache

These songs help with lovesickness

When we are lovesick, we tend to hear songs that make us cry even more. But is that really such a good idea? Wouldn’t uplifting, happy songs be a better choice? In cooperation with a team of creative music supervisors, academic staff and the use of an emotion recognition algorithm, we had an Amazon Music playlist created that, psychologically proven, has a special emotional effect on us. Responsible for this are things like the key, voices, instruments used, rhythm, melody or volume.

The emotional impact of music

Findings about the emotional effects of music have been handed down since ancient times. Since then, there have been many different theories about the mechanism by which music evokes emotions. However, in most cases it is believed that emotions play an important role in listening to music in many situations. Music can be listened to with the aim of emotional self-regulation, i.e. with the aim of changing one’s mood (e.g. fighting a bad mood, relieving tension or collecting energy). Which kind of music is best suited for which goal is individually different, so it depends to a certain extent on personal taste in music. In addition, however, research shows that there are also certain connecting elements, for example music

This is what the songs on the playlist have

According to researchers, this lovesick playlist musically depicts different emotional phases. Both melancholy music and optimistic music should support the “healing process”. Certain musical parameters such as tempo or rhythm should be able to influence the perceived emotional impact of the music. The song “Send My Love” by Adele, for example, is perceived as lively and positive. In addition to the rhythmic-harmonic nature of the song and its sound, the text also plays an important role here. He processes the issue of separation in a self-confident and ironic way, explain the researchers. We find the same principle in the indie pop song “Keep your Head up” by the British singer-songwriter Ben Howard.

Sad music can have a positive effect on mood

Even music that is perceived as rather sad can, at first glance, paradoxically, help to positively influence the mood, say the makers of the playlist. A good example of this is the song “Liability” by singer Lorde. Because of its dark and “sad” tones (minor-like chord structure), most people perceive the song as rather sad. Not grief per se, but feelings such as nostalgia and melancholy should play an essential role in the positive effect of this supposedly sad music.

So if you are currently lovesick, the following songs can help you quickly get over the pain. Have a listen right now!


These songs have been shown to help with lovesickness

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