These signs of the zodiac await the best vs. worst September 2021

September not only heralds the change of the seasons, but also a change of feelings, because with the new month the cards are reshuffled from an astrological point of view. Depending on the planetary constellations, for some zodiac signs this means unique prospects of success, happy chances in love and lots of positive vibes – or an energetic low and a real streak of bad luck. We have analyzed the astro prognoses for each zodiac sign and explain in the horoscope who can expect a magical late summer – and who is unfortunately less lucky now.   


Leuven can clarify a financial issue in September that will finally reduce your stress level and let you breathe deeply. At the same time, the Scorpio-Venus will heat up your Lovelife from September 10th. According to the horoscope, it could not only get hot – a relationship or a date could now also develop and thus reach the next level.  

Virgo :

Venus – the ruling planet of Virgo – moves into Scorpio on September 10th and this constellation promises financial luck for your zodiac sign. A successful salary negotiation, clever investment or other lucky fortune that will improve your account are thus in sight and bring more security into the life of the Virgo.          


For Libra, things just go smoothly in September, because firstly, planet Mars moves into your zodiac sign and this reactivates your self-confidence, power and your passion. Second, the month of your birth starts on September 24th, when the sun moves into the zodiac sign Libra. This makes you shine, brings you into perfect harmony with yourself and lets you outgrow yourself in love and in your job.


Scorpios are falling in love all over again this month – with themselves! Venus is in your zodiac sign in September and that brings a new self-confidence and self-acceptance. You just feel good in your own skin now, you are proud of yourself and your life. You also radiate this deep, inner satisfaction and calm – so it’s no wonder if you are approached more often this month, dates go particularly well and all your loved ones ensnare you with attention and admiration. 


According to the horoscope, Sagittarius is on the road to success in September. This is not due to lucky coincidences, but only to yourself. The cosmos is now boosting your level of motivation, which is why you are ready to go an extra mile to achieve your goals. At the same time, your dreams are more present than they have been for a long time and that makes you even more optimistic. Your element of fire shows itself – through your passionate striving – now particularly clearly and can bring you all the way to the top.   

Capricorn :

Capricorns work focused and astute in September and that is the key to new success this month. While everything runs like clockwork at work, the Libra influence towards the end of the month means that you are very careful to maintain your work-life balance and to consciously take time for yourself and your loved ones after work. You couldn’t cope better with your everyday life and that fulfills Capricorns – who always want to do everything perfectly – with even more motivation and a lot of satisfaction.  

… and these signs of the zodiac unfortunately do not have a good September ahead of them


According to the horoscope, Aries should focus on themselves in September, treat themselves to some me-time and consciously pay attention to a good health routine, because this will give you more energy through the stressful everyday life. No problem, if it weren’t for the love life, because it will be a constant up and down in the next few weeks. Aries find it difficult to show empathy or to connect with their partner and so one constantly talks past each other. Only at the end of September does harmony return. 


Taurus are naturally a bit jealous – Venus, who migrates to Scorpio in September, now acts as an amplifier for this emotion and your zodiac sign has to nibble on it. You can easily be a little jealous when colleagues get more recognition than you or feel the jealousy boil up in you for no apparent reason when you are out with your sweetheart. The important thing is to keep your emotions in check and not let yourself be tempted to rummage through each other’s messages. Because that only adds to the drama.


It’s that time again: Planet Mercury is heading back for three weeks in September and that will be particularly intense for Gemini – whose ruling planet is Mercury. Means: You may have to worry more about misunderstandings, mishaps or jealous exes this month and you should pay close attention to how you express yourself. Words and pitch can quickly be picked up incorrectly and lead to squabbles. September will be tough!    


The new moon on September sixth brings fresh momentum to the Cancer’s love life – but it can cause a lot of stress and distract you from your everyday life. Your horoscope is all about a new beginning: So it is time to finally end the toxic relationship, delete the number of the boy or stop mourning your ex. Not an easy task for Cancers – but with the Libra season starting September 23, harmony will return and you will feel relieved and liberated.       


Aquarians are particularly stuck in pessimistic thoughts this month, and that makes it difficult for you to enjoy the moment. In concrete terms: Your weaknesses, fears or mistakes from the past haunt your head now and again, make you insecure and lost in thought. Also the reason why you are now lagging behind at work or a date says goodbye to you. Our tip: bundle negative thoughts and let them go with a little ritual.    


Pisces becomes aware of differences that prevail in current partnerships in September. This makes you thoughtful and may even make you rethink the relationship. Open, honest communication with your date or your partner helps to find solutions and clearly express needs. Nevertheless, the topic requires a lot of energy and makes for subdued feelings. Perseverance, dear fish, towards October love goes up again. 

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