These Signs Just Can’t Be Alone

Can't Be Alone

These Zodiac Signs Just Can’t Be Alone

Most of us just need some me-time every now and then. A self-care beauty day, a solo city trip, or just a Netflix evening alone… it can be so beautiful! However, there are also people who, according to the zodiac sign, do not like being alone at all.

These zodiac signs hate being alone


A lion needs his pride around him. There he blossoms. And that’s how it is with this zodiac sign: without his loved ones around, he feels lost and lonely. Because lions love to be the center of attention. Without an audience, they sometimes don’t even know what to do with themselves. Because the feeling of being heard and seen is essential for lions. Your own self-esteem is therefore closely linked to the recognition and attention of your society. As a little tip: The zodiac sign should learn not to make their self-esteem dependent on others.


Libras have a very harmonious and social streak. They know exactly how to ensnare their fellow human beings with small charm offensives – often in order to achieve their goals. They are all the more insecure when they are completely on their own. They should learn to be more independent and not be too dependent on those around them. Being alone makes you strong!


Capricorns don’t like to be alone either – but they have a different reason than the other zodiac signs mentioned. With their focus on success and career, networking is incredibly important to Capricorns. They would never miss an opportunity to chat with someone who could move them forward. See and be seen? An ibex is immediately at the start!

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