These Are The Two Faces Of Each Zodiac Sign In 2021

These are the two faces of each zodiac sign in 2021

Everything always has two sides in life. Without light, darkness cannot exist. We cannot feel happiness if we do not know what unhappiness means. And without death there can be no life.

Even our personality has two sides. And that’s why every zodiac sign in astrology has two sides, or rather two faces. 

Which are the two faces of your zodiac sign? Find out!


Capricorns are the toughest workers in the zodiac. They are characterized by great reach and success and have a solid drive to realize their ideal in life. They are wonderful leaders because they see the big picture and their work is one of the most important things in life. 

Even so, Capricorns, on the other hand, often tend to be persistent and uncompromising. They find it difficult to shift down gears and they can quickly become workaholics if they don’t learn to live a balanced life. In addition, you quickly get in a bad mood and can get annoyed about little things.


Aquarians enjoy traveling and anything that tests their intelligence. They can have hours of discussion because they have such different interests and they are wonderful dreamers. 

Even so, on the other hand, they can appear very withdrawn, fleeting, and emotionally inaccessible. This can make it harder for them to connect, and if they don’t know how to use their social side, they will quickly feel lonely and isolated.


Pisces are deeply sensitive and caring characters with a knack for the imagination. They are very compassionate and make wonderful friends or partners because of this. They are loyal to their comrades and will certainly do anything for them. 

Even so, the Pisces, on the other hand, have a hard time dealing with the truth and they often try to find a way to run away. They also tend to be loners as they take up a lot of time on their own.


Aries have a lot of energy and an enduring passion too. They are motivated and ambitious and illuminate the room directly when they walk in. They are safe, daring and strong-willed personalities who stand up for themselves and do not let obstacles hold them back. 

However, on the other hand, an Aries can easily become irritable and hostile. He snaps when things don’t always go his way and also has trouble paying attention to others. However, if Aries manages to tame this side of himself, he can use his fire to be the light for others and to inspire them.


The Taurus works very hard to keep his life safe, from getting a well-paying job to choosing a partner who will definitely support him no matter what. He is dedicated to those he loves and will remain loyal even in a lasting relationship. 

Even so, just like a typical bull, the Taurus can be stubborn, inflexible and also uncompromising. Taurus also tend to be possessive in partnerships and ask too much from time to time.


Geminis basically embody a personality with two faces, because they generally seem to have two polarizing individualities. They are known to be friendly and open-minded people and nothing to complain about. 

On the other hand, they can sometimes appear superficial and become impulsive. The dark side appears when the twin is suffering from anxiety or depression. Geminis usually feel very uncomfortable because of this split in their individuality.


Cancer has many beneficial properties, although it tends to have low self-esteem. Cancers are constantly caring, understanding, and loyal. Although they have trouble opening up to people, they will always listen to others. Cancers are really creative, tender, beautiful people who are usually misinterpreted and often exploited for their kindness.

But on the other hand, these people are very prone to anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. They just feel like no one understands them, which leads to isolation and self-pity. So being a cancer can be quite exhausting.


The Leo is a natural born leader and succeeds wherever he has the limelight to himself. Leos are also enthusiastic, sociable, fun, and positive individuals.

Even so, a Leo, on the other hand, can seem quite selfish, arrogant, dramatic, and pompous if they don’t know how to work with others and also get involved with someone from time to time. Leos are really pleasant people, but they can seem superficial at times.


Virgos have an eye for detail and are methodical, careful, logical, and rational. They are fantastic problem solvers and have incredible stamina.

Even so, they often tend to investigate things a little too much and take life too seriously. Virgos have trouble relaxing and just going with the flow. You need a plan all the time to really feel balanced and informed. This also makes them seem inflexible, and they are also a bit cold and unconcerned because they are always on your mind. 


Libras have a flair for keeping peace in life and treating everyone they encounter with respect and compassion. They enjoy helping others and doing their best to keep their balance in life.

However, it is not always easy to be in balance at all times. Libras, because of their peaceful nature, tend to stay away from conflict at all costs. This could be a wonderful quality in certain circumstances, but occasionally confrontation is essential in life. 


Scorpios have quick minds and a sarcastic sense of humor that makes them irresistible to those who understand how their minds work. They are also deeply emotional signs that usually hide their sensations so people don’t take advantage of them. 

But when you get to know a Scorpio properly, you will see how manipulative and also vengeful they can be. Instead of losing their temper or screaming, they just go and start planning their retribution. Be careful when a Scorpio is mad at you as they can get terrible quickly.


Sagittarians have a penchant for adventure. You are confident, entertaining, spontaneous, sociable and inspiring.

Nevertheless, it is difficult for the shooter to concentrate on the respective job or task at hand. He also has an explosive temperament and gets frustrated quickly. Without a clear goal, he often has a tendency to get excited and bored. In addition, he has no filter, especially when he is annoyed, so that you often experience him from his exhausting side.


These Are The Two Faces Of Each Zodiac Sign In 2021

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