These Are The Signs That Would Die First If They Were In A Horror Movie

There are calm, quiet zodiac signs, signs that think twice and three times before acting HOW to do it, signs that have a plan a, b and c, those that have already squeezed all the possibilities before something happens, and those that have already seen all possible exits in case the worst happens. Okay, well, precisely those signs are not on this list. Here are the curious, those who do not have a marked plan, and those who lean out of danger to see what happens. In many cases the reckless. And yes, these are the signs that would die first if they were in a horror movie. Here they go:


Without a doubt, Leo would be one of the first to die, and not because he didn’t fight to the end, but because he has that vain point that would make him look at himself in a mirror while the murderer is watching him from afar. He sure would die absurdly but also fight to the end. Nothing of a stab and that’s it, Leo would die in style and after action, a lot of action. He does not disappoint.


Cancer is another of the signs that would first become part of the other safe neighborhood, and not because it is not clever but because it is too a good many times. And surely they trust the wrong person. Maybe that person is the murderer, or maybe he is the one who betrays you. If none of this happens, surely he ends up sacrificing himself for love.


It is true that Gemini is a very cunning sign for everything, it knows them all. But the point is that he can be easily distracted, and also very bored. Gemini will be the first to go look, he will explore the basement because he heard a strange noise, and although his legs are shaking, he knows what is happening more than the fear that everything produces in him. He will be able to save himself because he will end up in a place where no one would expect to find him. That may be his salvation.


If Aries is one of the first to die in a horror movie, it is due to his bravery. I’m sure he does because he gets into a fight between the killer and someone else to try and save her and ends up messed up. But he will die for a good cause and at the end of the movie, they will put a big picture of him at the funeral with the Aerosmith song I don’t want to miss a thing.


If Sagi dies it’s definitely because she doesn’t take things seriously. His profile is that of the joker of the group, nothing seems serious enough to scare him too much, not even that bloody letter that says: “you will die in 2 hours”. Surely at the time of the slaughter, they are partying, having a good time, and laughing. The best thing about this is that in the end, he is caught by surprise, he suffers little, everything happens quickly, and he hardly knows what has just happened.


These Are The Signs That Would Die First If They Were In A Horror Movie

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