These are the friendliest and meanest signs of the zodiac, ranked 1-12.

Do you know about zodiac signs? Then you should know which zodiac signs are of a more friendly nature and which ones you shouldn’t mess with.


Scales are optimistic and love justice. They want to stand up for everything and everyone, no matter how they feel about this person. Because they are always concerned with the principle.

They are therefore very careful to help other people and can put their ego in the background well. Therefore, scales are among the most peaceful zodiac signs of all. 


Fish always want to avoid conflicts. They prefer peace and try to stay out of conflict situations. They are not selfish and, like the Libra, try to help other people.

Your good deeds are absolutely real. That is why anyone who encounters a fish will consider it completely friendly and caring. 


Bulls are actually known to be stubborn. But that’s not all. Because bulls can also be very patient and helpful when it comes to their fellow human beings. They don’t want to criticize others because they don’t want to hurt anyone.

They are also very generous and would help even a stranger. However, a bull can be quite different. If you hurt him, he can quickly turn from a friendly person into a nasty monster. 


Aquarius doesn’t talk behind someone else’s back because he doesn’t like sneaky people. He thinks life is too short for such hostilities. Aquarians talk less about themselves and are therefore good listeners.

But Aquarians are not always nice. Especially not when you step on their feet. They try to get to know other people, but they don’t necessarily appear to be very friendly.


Protect avoid negative people and conflicts. Because they know that they are much happier without these things. They would never judge other people for their behavior. So they seem very nice.

Shooters always try to keep their lives stable and are guided by their goals. They are only nice to other people because harmony in their lives is very important to them. 


Twins always have two sides. On the one hand, they are very open-minded and open to new things. It’s really easy to talk to them. However, they also have a nasty side about them. Sometimes they like to talk behind other people’s backs and then deny their behavior afterward.

That’s why you don’t have to confront twins. They would deny everything and pass it on to you anyway. So twins are nice as long as you don’t see through their misconduct. 


Cancers are very often subject to their mood swings. Therefore, you do not know whether you should describe cancer as a nice or rather nasty person. Because a cancer that has had a good day will give you all its love and show itself from its chocolate side.

But as soon as the cancer had a bad day, you’d better go abroad. Because then it can happen that he attacks you with bad words. Crayfish always try to be nice, but they always show their emotions, no matter whether they are positive or negative. 


Lions cannot control their feelings and reactions very well. They are tender and warm, but can also be very nasty if you hurt them. They sometimes choose words that might hurt you, although they don’t intend to. Sometimes they are not even aware of their choice of words and act out of their anger. That’s why it’s best not to react. 


Anyone who has thought that virgins are innocent is completely wrong. Don’t be fooled by the first impression. Because they can also become very nasty.

Virgins can act very well and dupe others. However, they will break out of their role as soon as something does not go as they had imagined. Then it can happen that the virgin loses control and explodes. 


Aries is headstrong and impatient. They can also be very aggressive. They cannot control their feelings because they keep piling up over time. At some point, the barrel just overflows and the ram goes crazy.

He knows that he will get everything he wants. He describes this as assertiveness. But actually this is just nasty behavior. 


Capricorns can look pretty relaxed until you get them angry. As soon as you do something they don’t like, they’ll start a war. But they won’t throw you around or try to insult you.

They just pretend everything is fine, but think badly of you behind your back. You will then appear cold and distant.


Scorpions are the kings of bitchiness. If you stick to their rules, you will experience them as nice people. But once you violate them, a scorpion can turn 180 degrees. His behavior will then be vengeful.

And he leaves nothing to chance but will plan his revenge down to the last detail. You can then apologize to him, but he will ignore you anyway. So better pay attention to what you are doing. Otherwise, friendliness can quickly be over.


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