These are the 3 most sentimental signs of the zodiac

Everyone is in a sentimental mood every now and then. Triggers can e.g. For example, old letters and photos or memories that suddenly appear that take you back to another time. And before you know it, you wistfully think back to your school days or your first great love and lose yourself in daydreams. Does that sound familiar to you? You may be one of the particularly sentimental signs of the zodiac.

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The zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is known for its influence on our emotions and mood. No wonder that those born with Cancer are considered to be particularly emotional. They like to reminisce about days gone by and now and then long to turn back time. Even painful experiences cannot let go of the watermark so quickly.


On the outside, Scorpio-borns look tough and unapproachable, but deep inside there is a softcore. The zodiac sign has an emotional side and is very vulnerable, which is why it is slow to open up to strangers and takes a long time to establish a real connection with someone. Scorpio becomes all the more sentimental when a friendship breaks or a love affair ends. In that case, he mourns the past for a very long time.

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Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac who like to indulge their feelings and get lost in fantasies. The sensitive zodiac sign builds deep connections to other people, but also to objects and becomes very sentimental when a scent, a sound or a picture reminds him of those things. Pisces-borns often drift and escape reality by indulging in thoughts and memories. It cannot be prevented that they become very sentimental in the process.

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