These are 5 facts that helps you to find the love of your life

It would be great if we could only attract positive people but in most cases that is not possible. People who are positive will sometimes attract negative ones and vice versa. It just happens, for no reason. But one thing is for sure.

Good people in our life can show us how beautiful and pleasant a life can be and the negative ones show us what kind of people we shouldn’t become.

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When we are talking about love it is very important that our soulmate is loving, caring and supportive person. There are some ways to attract a person with these qualities. So stay tuned!

1. Learn to accept, value and love yourself and define your own worth, rather than waiting for someone else to love you and give you a sense of worth – This means that you need to learn to see yourself through the eyes of a higher source of truth — your higher self — rather than through the eyes of your ego-wounded self. The wounded self has been programmed to believe that we are not good enough, and that we can feel okay only through other’s love and approval. This is what creates neediness. When you learn to see your beautiful essence through the eyes of love, you can learn to truly value yourself. When you value yourself, you will start to treat yourself lovingly, which fills you with love and gives you a deep sense of inner worth. You then have love to share with a partner. You become a person able to share love rather than someone always trying to get love.

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2. Learn to connect with your inner resource of love, wisdom and strength – This is the resource you need to be able to turn to, to regulate and manage your own feeling so that you don’t make your partner responsible for your pain or joy.
This resource can be whatever works for you: your understanding of God, your connection with a spiritual source within or without, your connection with your own higher soul, or whatever else works for you beyond your ego mind.

3. Heal your fear of rejection by learning to not take rejection personally and by learning how to lovingly manage your painful feelings – When you define your own worth, then you can easily learn to stop taking other’s unloving behavior personally. You can learn to compassionately embrace and learn from your pain rather than avoiding it with addictive behaviors.

4. Heal your fear of judgment by developing a strong loving adult self, who can say no rather than giving yourself up to control not being rejected – The fear of being controlled by another person gradually heals when you become willing to risk losing the other person rather than lose yourself. When you learn to love and value yourself, then you become strong enough to no longer lose yourself within a relationship.

5. Learn to be happy BEFORE you are in a relationship, rather than looking for a relationship to make you happy – When you are willing to take loving action in your own behalf to bring yourself joy, then you are no longer dependent upon another to do this for you. Your happiness attracts others who are also making themselves happy, and opens the door to a happy, loving relationship.
You CAN attract the love of your life by learning how to love yourself!

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