Capricorn is a difficult sign because when they are in a neutral mood, no one is immune to their anger. Between the need to put people off guard when they have a bad day and their generally negative state of mind, once you have found yourself at the top of the list of flagship products of Capricorn, you will never get away with it. They are notoriously ruthless and, given their discipline in everything they do, they can easily dismiss you from their lives, even going so far as to convince themselves that you are dead.


Pisces may be compassionate and artistic, making people believe they are easy-going, but it doesn’t take much to piss off a Pisces. Although pissing someone may not be the end in itself, be-all for certain signs, with Pisces, they immediately become a martyr when insulted, which results in anyone who thwarts them being banished from their lives forever. You don’t have a second chance with Pisces. Already. Honestly, on a ruthless scale, Pisces and Capricorn give each other a good deal, because they are so tied.


Although Cancer will never forgive you, they will never actively forgive you in the same way as Capricorn and Pisces, which means that they will not make a big production about it. They will certainly tell you that you have hurt and betrayed them, but they will never say, “I will never forgive you.” Instead, it will simply be a fact that you are supposed to know about.


The way Scorpio puts so much emphasis on the truth is almost obsessive – another of their less than salty features. So while Scorpio will forgive you for minor indiscretions, if you lie to them, you can expect to be hated and hated until the end of time, because the trust they once had in you is gone. Lying to Scorpio and forgiveness will never be on the cards.


Regarding forgiveness, Taurus is delicate. On the one hand, they want to forgive you, because that is what the stable part of their personality longs for. But being so obstinate and unable to move an inch one way or the other, Taurus, in the end, simply cannot forgive. It’s a sad situation that Taurus is also torn apart, but that’s how it is.


Lion’s inability to forgive comes from one place: pride. Pride can be a great quality in a person until they feel wronged, it is a horrible quality. Lion will never just forgive you in principle because they feel they deserve the level of respect given to the head of the mafia. So if they don’t get that respect, forgiveness ceases to be an option.


Ugh. Man, can Libra hold a grudge! Although their probability of forgiveness is still zero like the other signs on this list, Libra, being so diplomatic, will never let it appear. In fact, Libra could still maintain a friendship with someone who was content with appearances, while holding a grudge until the last day.


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