These 6 zodiac signs have complicated emotional life in 2021 and are not that easy to understand.


Do you want to know how a person ticks, what his quirks are, and what his advantages, then take a look at his zodiac sign? It tells you a lot about the person you want to meet. It’s honest and straightforward. Sometimes it hurts to learn this clear truth about someone or even yourself, but the zodiac signs help us to understand our being and to optimize our lives.

Today you will learn something about a very special group under the zodiac signs. It is the people of us who react most sensitively and feel the most emotionally. They often have a complicated emotional life and are not easy to understand. To make it easier for us to understand them, here are the 6 most sensitive zodiac signs and the explanation for their intense emotional world.

Libra (September 24th – October 23rd)

As a person in the zodiac sign Libra, you are pretty much the most harmonious zodiac sign of all. Your feelings are also very strong and usually take you completely in, but you deal with them completely differently. Instead of pretending to be or hiding, you are completely open to your emotional nature and show everyone around you that it is okay to feel intensely.

Your emotions are no secret to you. You know yourself well and know when you are feeling how and why. Regardless of whether it is sadness, anger or joy, you share your feelings with those around you and let them participate.

Your friends really appreciate that. You even have a positive influence on people with your emotional but open nature, because they learn honesty from you and they too feel accepted and can be with you as they are. Keep it up!

Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

As a Pisces person, your life is all about relationships. Regardless of whether it is about love or friendship, you are a person who needs others and has many lovely people around you. Congratulations, not everyone can say that about themselves! This is mainly because the connection with others means a lot to you and you do a lot for it. But that in turn means that you tend to bend over because you long for closeness so much.

You are very sensitive to the evaluation of others and it hits you right in the heart. You need harmony between yourself and others in order to feel comfortable. Don’t worry, take on what you are. It will also help you in love terms if you remain yourself and do not worry so much about others. Everything comes with time and enjoy what you have for as long.

Cancer (June 22nd – July 22nd)

If someone advises you to just switch off and turn off your head, then you can only laugh out loud. Because in 2021 you are an absolute head person who thinks a lot and finds it difficult to switch off your head. Situations, conversations, the future – you just worry about everything and wrack your brain every free minute. You’re also incredibly good at breaking things down and figuring out details. Your brain works incredibly quickly and effectively.

But unfortunately, you often worry too much. This not only stresses your environment but above all yourself. You are constantly worried about something and cannot let go of thoughts. They usually haunt you into your dreams and you can’t just relax at all.

Perhaps you should try to practice this with special training. Find a relaxation class, take yoga classes, or learn to meditate. It will ground your spirit and let it calm down.

Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 21st)

You are always there for others and give them your ear and a hug. Your heart and your door are always wide open for everyone who needs help, advice, or just a little warmth of the heart. Unfortunately, all too often you get overwhelmed and don’t even notice it. I understand you would like to give and you can do that well. But from time to time you should also treat yourself to a break so that you can be there for yourself and recharge your batteries. Otherwise, you will burn out.

Because if you always give and rarely get something in return, as is the case with you, then you quickly end up mentally. Often you feel overwhelmed and drained. This is because you urgently need rest and distance. Because as much as you like to take care of yourself, your heart is very sensitive and sensitive and all the stories and negative stories of the people who need you are dragging you down. Your compassion is your unique quality, but you have to be careful that it doesn’t overwhelm you!

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 20th)

You really have to be careful! You are unpredictable One wrong word and one is your target. You fire regardless of casualty and hurt some of your friends. This is often not actually intended by you. You are simply highly emotional and perceive what others are saying very strongly. So you quickly feel attacked and have the need to defend yourself. To make matters worse, you also react very strongly and usually do not even notice how hard and accurate your words are.

So you are constantly in a clinch with someone and actually do not understand what has just happened. This can all happen pretty quickly with you. A good conversation suddenly turns into drama and turns into a war between you and your boyfriend. Maybe it would be a little easier for everyone’s nerves if you didn’t react immediately, but instead took back and let the conversation sink in. It’s definitely worth a try, otherwise, you’ll end up without friends.

Virgo (August 24th – September 23rd)

If you are a person in the zodiac sign, Virgo, then you will know it: People and their gestures and expressions hurt you incredibly quickly. You are very sensitive to what others say to you and often don’t really know how to deal with it properly. You don’t know a thick skin. There are buckets of tears flowing through you and you have quite a few emotional outbursts a day.

That exhausts you a lot and that’s why you often prefer to be alone and to yourself, where you can protect yourself from the attacks of other people and the big bad world out there and finally feel safe. Other people often don’t understand you, which makes you even sadder. You often feel misunderstood and that in turn separates you from the others and makes you even more vulnerable. An eternal cycle for your tender soul.


These 6 zodiac signs have a complicated emotional life in 2021 and are not that easy to understand.

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